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A Business Approach to Marketing: Promotion

four p'sMany writers want to jump into promoting their work before they’ve developed the Product, the Price, and the Place. You really can’t promote well until you know what exactly you’re promoting. Now for the last step in developing your marketing mix—Promotion. One blog post is not enough space to talk about everything there is to know about promotion. So—I’ll give you a brief overview.

Choose your promotion method(s).

  • Word of mouth (including social media) is the most effective method. Testimonials fall under this category, too. Recommendation from someone else carries a lot of weight with potential customers.
  • Advertising (paid). You have full control of content, design, frequency, and cost.
  • Public Relations (free). Essentially, this means you get someone else to talk about your product. You do not have a lot of control over what they say.

Target your promotion.

  • Identify your audience (age, interests).
  • Find out what they want (information, entertainment).
  • Use methods that appeal to the chosen audience and fit with your subject matter.

Evaluate your promotion.

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Why?

This post gives you an outline for planning your promotion. Copy and paste the outline into your word processor and give each bullet point some thought. Write your ideas down.

Note: The resource list I prepared for Mid-South Christian Writers Conference is available online here. It has a list of marketing resources and blogs for writers that will help you in your planning. Especially recommended is Rob Eagar’s Mixing Marketing with Faith.

Readers, what promotion methods have worked well for you? Share by commenting on this post.

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