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Get Organized to WRITE

Last week’s Get Organized post generated a number of comments. Some people bemoaned the fact that they know they need to get organized, but they haven’t had the time or motivation to start such a project. Tracy Crump even said she’d rather be writing. So would I, and that’s my motivation for being organized. I […]

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Spring Cleaning: Get Organized

Spring’s here, and it’s time to clean up your act—and your house. Why not get your writing life organized, too? I once used the following quotes to speak to a women’s group about organizing. The principles they present will help you get your work organized, too. Definition Organizing is what you do before you do […]

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Writing about Holidays: Easter

Once I started writing about holidays, I was hooked. It all started with an article I wrote for Hometown Magazine some years back. For the springissue, I wrote “St. Patrick’s Day and Easter: Holidays or Holy Days?” Since both were considered holy days in the Christian church, I wanted to show they had both become […]

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Writing What You Know

“Write what you know.” That’s what workshop faculty and other writers told me when I first started writing for publication in 1999. My first thought was, “Duh, what do I know—-that anyone would be interested in reading?” What do you know? What unique knowledge do you have? Did you grow up in an exotic location? […]

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