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Organized Writer, Part 2: Records

Once your work space is set up, organize your records— research notes, submission tracking, finances, and communications. My methods are tailored for magazine submissions, but they will work for book submissions, too. Subject Matter/Content Records If you write in more than one genre, make files for each genre in the beginning. As your collection grows, […]

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Get Organized to WRITE

Last week’s Get Organized post generated a number of comments. Some people bemoaned the fact that they know they need to get organized, but they haven’t had the time or motivation to start such a project. Tracy Crump even said she’d rather be writing. So would I, and that’s my motivation for being organized. I […]

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Spring Cleaning: Get Organized

Spring’s here, and it’s time to clean up your act—and your house. Why not get your writing life organized, too? I once used the following quotes to speak to a women’s group about organizing. The principles they present will help you get your work organized, too. Definition Organizing is what you do before you do […]

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Writing about Holidays: Easter

Once I started writing about holidays, I was hooked. It all started with an article I wrote for Hometown Magazine some years back. For the springissue, I wrote “St. Patrick’s Day and Easter: Holidays or Holy Days?” Since both were considered holy days in the Christian church, I wanted to show they had both become […]

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