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Promotion/Networking: Social Media

Most aspiring authors know they need to build their network of writers, editors, and publishers. They know that they need to understand the publishing industry so that they can be positioned to sell their book or articles. In my previous post on networking, I discussed what networking is and how word of mouth marketing builds […]

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Defining Your Product

What are you selling? You might say you aren’t selling anything. You are a writer/editor, not a salesperson. Think again. You may be a crafter of great stories, but someone must sell the stories to a magazine or the books to an editor. You may be a crackerjack editor, but how will you get clients […]

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Cec Murphey

Writers Conferences: Why-to, How-to

Have you been to a writers’ conference lately? It’s been about a week since I got back from Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, and I’m still working on ideas and leads obtained there. Why Attend Conferences? If you’re a writer seeking to get published, you must attend conferences to: Improve your craft through sharing information with […]

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Christian Drama Publishing by Kathy Ide

The full title of this book is Christian Drama Publishing: How to Write a Powerful Script and Get it Published. Have you ever bought a how-to book based on a catchy title only to be disappointed with the contents? Well, never fear. Kathy Ide’s book delivers on her title’s promise. She covers the subject all […]

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