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Who Is Your Customer?

You are a writer. You’d like to get your work published. If you are a beginning writer, your best chance to get published quickly is to submit short pieces to magazines. You might produce articles, short stories, puzzles, and poems. If you’ve had your work published, but you’re not getting regular acceptances, perhaps you need a fresh approach.

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Writing for Peanuts?

Writing for peanuts—that’s what you’ll be doing if you sell each article, story, or poem only once. You may be tempted to skip this article if you’re still trying to get your first piece published. Resist the temptation, because, once you do sell something, you can sell it again as long as you don’t sell […]

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Grammar and Style Link Roundup

For the past few weeks, posts on Blog4writers have dealt with grammar and style. This week, I’ve spent some time locating online grammar and style resources and tutorials. Keeping your grammar and style skills in shape is a necessary discipline for writers wanting to publish their work. Tutorials and Resources: General Grammar and Style Resources […]

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Defining Your Product

What are you selling? You might say you aren’t selling anything. You are a writer/editor, not a salesperson. Think again. You may be a crafter of great stories, but someone must sell the stories to a magazine or the books to an editor. You may be a crackerjack editor, but how will you get clients […]

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