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Who Is Your Customer?

You are a writer. You’d like to get your work published. If you are a beginning writer, your best chance to get published quickly is to submit short pieces to magazines. You might produce articles, short stories, puzzles, and poems. If you’ve had your work published, but you’re not getting regular acceptances, perhaps you need a fresh approach.

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Writing for Peanuts?

Writing for peanuts—that’s what you’ll be doing if you sell each article, story, or poem only once. You may be tempted to skip this article if you’re still trying to get your first piece published. Resist the temptation, because, once you do sell something, you can sell it again as long as you don’t sell […]

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Style Errors That Scream “Amateur”

Writers, show professionalism by knowing your grammar and style—and by proofreading your work. Recently, I’ve noticed obvious grammar and style errors in both print and online publications. Either they aren’t using editors or their editors are overworked. Make sure your work is free of these marks of the amateur. Plural for words ending with “st.” […]

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Marketing: Developing Your Brand

Writers claim they know nothing about marketing. The truth is, writers participate in marketing every day. When shopping or surfing the Web, we encounter marketing messages and techniques. Why not adapt these business techniques to marketing our writing? Branding is used to market everything from toothpaste to luxury cars. “Levi’s” means “jeans” to most people, […]

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