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Branding: Do You Have a Tagline?

Who are you? A writer, you say? A writer who does editing on the side? Do you write fiction or nonfiction? Before you can begin to promote your freelance writing, your editing, or your books, you must have a short answer to the above questions. It’s part of developming your brand. When people land on […]

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Time to Update Business Cards?

Every time I run low on business cards, I get in a dither about it. I used to get them from Vistaprint using one of their designs. The online services like Vistaprint and 123print are great. But, when you buy from them, you don’t actually own your design. You can buy their products, but you […]

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A Business Approach to Marketing: Promotion

Many writers want to jump into promoting their work before they’ve developed the Product, the Price, and the Place. You really can’t promote well until you know what exactly you’re promoting. Now for the last step in developing your marketing mix—Promotion. One blog post is not enough space to talk about everything there is to […]

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