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Networking with Online Writers’ Groups

Networking, getting to know editors and other writers, is absolutely necessary for getting your work published. The more contacts you have, the more likely you will get a lead on a market that fits your work. In my last online marketing class, one of the students lived in a northwestern state, far from any writers’ […]

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Promotion/Networking: Twitter for Writers

Continuing the series on social media for writers, today I’ll share what I’ve learned about Twitter, the micro-blogging tool. If you are not familiar with Twitter, go to this article on Wikipedia now. Instead of having friends as on Facebook, Twitter users have followers. I’ve used Twitter for several months now, following people mainly in […]

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Promotion/Networking: Social Media

Most aspiring authors know they need to build their network of writers, editors, and publishers. They know that they need to understand the publishing industry so that they can be positioned to sell their book or articles. In my previous post on networking, I discussed what networking is and how word of mouth marketing builds […]

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