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Organized Writer: Now, W-R-I-T-E

I’m working on being an organized writer. That’s why I shared the Get Organized blog post series. If you make the effort to get organized, you’ll spend more time writing and less time looking for stuff and wondering where the time went. I’ve provided a link back to each post if you want to review. […]

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Organized Writer, Part 3: Your Intentions

Are you on the road to getting organized? I hope the answer is “yes.” All of your effort to be organized is wasted if you don’t have clear intentions for your work. Ask yourself these questions as you organize your writing effort. Have you set goals for your writing? Organizations and individuals spend a lot […]

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Organized Writer, Part 2: Records

Once your work space is set up, organize your records— research notes, submission tracking, finances, and communications. My methods are tailored for magazine submissions, but they will work for book submissions, too. Subject Matter/Content Records If you write in more than one genre, make files for each genre in the beginning. As your collection grows, […]

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