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Style Errors That Scream “Amateur”

Writers, show professionalism by knowing your grammar and style—and by proofreading your work. Recently, I’ve noticed obvious grammar and style errors in both print and online publications. Either they aren’t using editors, or their editors are overworked. Make sure your work is free of these marks of the amateur. Plural for words ending with “st.” […]

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Making Sure Your Writing Has Style

Does your writing have style? Most writers pay attention to grammar, the mechanics of language, which is not the same as style. “Style” means “a distinctive manner of expression,” according to Merriam Webster online dictionary. As you ground yourself in grammar, be aware that there are different style guides for different segments of the publishing […]

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Homophones and Motivation to Write

Information: Homophones Cause Spelling Errors Homophones are words that sound alike. They cause spelling errors when we forget which spelling is appropriate for the context. Below are some examples I’ve encountered in my reading and editing. As with many spelling errors, these will not be caught by spell-check. And I suspect that some are caused […]

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