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Self-editing Tips

First draft is finished. Now what? It’s time to edit the manuscript, and it’s best that the first edit be done by the writer. We know what we wanted to say. We should be the ones to evaluate whether we said what we meant to say. During the self-edit, we can also look for grammatical […]

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Three B’s for Writers

Marketing has its Four P’s. For diamonds, it’s Four C’s. Leadership—Five L’s. Why should we not have a special alphabetical to-do list for the writing process? I’ve come up with Three B’s (or Three Be’s) for writers wanting to be published. Be original. Avoid clichés. They creep into our writing when we’re not looking. Tracy […]

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Style Errors That Scream “Amateur”

Writers, show professionalism by knowing your grammar and style—and by proofreading your work. Recently, I’ve noticed obvious grammar and style errors in both print and online publications. Either they aren’t using editors or their editors are overworked. Make sure your work is free of these marks of the amateur. Plural for words ending with “st.” […]

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