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Taking a Vacation from Writing?

Remember your school days when you had to write an essay about what you did last summer? I had enough of that back then, so I had no plan to write about my vacation. However, it turns out that my family road trip was a writing adventure, too. I accidentally discovered a process for gleaning […]

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rejected, rejection

Rejection: Can You Handle It?

Are you afraid to submit your work for publication because it might be rejected? Are you submitting but getting more rejections than acceptances? Experienced writers will tell you it’s just part of the deal when you write for publication. I follow a number of blogs for writers, and, recently, several people have posted articles about […]

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shakeira reed

Ordinary Inspiration by Shakera Reid

Good writers are in the business of leaving signposts saying, “Tour my world, see and feel it through my eyes; I am your guide.” —Unknown The good writer, the great writer, has what I have called the three S’s: the power to see, to sense, and to say. That is, he is perceptive, he is […]

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murphey, unleash

Book Review: Unleash the Writer Within

What better way to start the new year than with a new book about writing! I know, you might think you have more writing books than you need. But there’s always room for one more, especially if it’s offered by someone like master writer Cecil Murphey. Unleash the Writer Within: The Essential Writers Companion is […]

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