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Christmas Humor: Where Is Messiah?

Christmas brings a sense of wonder, anticipation, and joy. But it also makes for some laughs. For the next two posts, I’ll share excerpts from “Christmas Pageant Bloopers,” an article previously published in Hometown Magazine of the Ken-Tenn Area.

Where Is Messiah?

The story of Simeon is a Christmas story that isn’t dramatized often. Simeon was an old man, and he had waited for the Messiah for many years. At an evening service during the Christmas season, the pastor devised a skit about Simeon, played in costume but without scenery. A church member and her baby were to play Mary and the Baby Jesus. Another member played Joseph, while the pastor played Simeon.

The holy family was to go through the basement under the sanctuary to enter from the back when the spotlight turned in that direction. The cue from the pastor would be the line: “Where is Messiah?” Oops— the basement lights were off, and the Baby Jesus and his escorts had to hunt for the light switch before making their way through the basement area. Simeon said, “Where is Messiah?” The spotlight turned on cue. No one was there.

Simeon ad-libbed, “Oh, Lord, I am an old man. I’ve waited soooo long for Messiah! Surely the time is now. WHERE IS MESSIAH?” Still nothing. After several more ad-libs by Simeon, Baby Jesus and his entourage finally appeared in the spotlight. Simeon exclaimed, “Thank you, Lord. Messiah is here.” While some were trying to stifle their giggles, the rest of the audience was thanking the Lord on the pastor’s behalf.

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