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Fiction Freebie and a Tribute

gc-christmas-front-coverInformation: Fiction Freebie from Virginia Smith

Fiction fans, there’s a freebie out there for you. Whether you write fiction or just read it, Virginia Smith’s latest book will be an enjoyable experience. The freebie, for a limited time, is the Kindle version of Goose Creek Christmas, the latest installment in the Tales of the Goose Creek B & B (Bed and Breakfast).

Harvest House is offering the new book free to promote the Goose Creek series. Offering one title in a series for free is a common marketing tool by publishers. I’ve introduced myself to some authors that I never would have read if not for the free sample. These deals are not always promoted heavily, but sometimes you’ll see an announcement for a limited time offer on social media.

I’ve reviewed most of the Goose Creek books on my other blog. See the reviews here. The town of Goose Creek reminds me of Mayberry of TV fame or Mitford, the small town in the popular fiction series by Jan Karon. Smith presents believable characters, all of whom have their quirks. I find myself smiling while I’m reading, because the characters remind me of someone I’ve known.

So what have you go to lose? Get your free copy of Goose Creek Christmas in the Kindle store. Previous books in the Goose Creek series are listed on her website and in the photo below:


Inspiration: A Tribute

myrtle1My friend Myrtle Harton, aged 100 years, passed away this week. She was an inspiration to many people with whom she worked in Kiwanis Club, church, and many community activities. She was a writer, too, designated as the Poet Laureate for our county. She spent a lot of time writing in her journal, but she also published some books. I wrote about her and her first book in our local magazine some years ago. There’s Joy in the Journey was a collection poems, motivational speeches, and dedications. The book radiates Myrtle’s positive energy and loving nature. She donated all the proceeds from book sales to a Kiwanis International project for children with iodine deficiency disorder. Today, I’m sharing a photo from one of her book signings and a poem in hopes that she will inspire some of you. I think she was 85 when the first book was published.

Listening to God
by Myrtle W. Harton

As I sit in my swing early in the morning,
Meditating on my daily chores and listening to the birds—
So many different bird calls.
How they all blend, the gift God has given them.
I begin to think of my gift, and wondered how
It blended with each of the other gifts given to me.
I realize that God manifests our gifts in different style with different results.
Help me to develop the gift given me, and use it to your glory. 8/25/03

Readers, are you aware of other freebies that you want to share? Have you been inspired by another writer? How? Share in the comments. If you get this post by email, please click on the title of the post to go to my site. Scroll down to Leave a Reply and comment there.

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