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Just Write! by Susan Titus Osborn

Full title is Just Write! An Essential Guide for Launching Your Writing Career. Susan Titus Osborn has provided an invaluable tool for beginning writers in this book. Because it was published in 2000, you might be tempted to pass it by. Big mistake! It’s just chock-full of valuable information especially for beginning writers.

Osborn covers everything from getting your creative juices flowing to finding markets for you work once it’s done. It’s amazing how much ground she covers in this one book. Learn how to organize you work, find time to write, improve your craft, keep records, avoid copyright problems, and much more. Especially valuable to me are the chapters on article writing. I review them once in a while to keep from getting sloppy in my own article-writing.

A few portions of the book are dated, like the portion giving instructions on how to submit by mail. Many publishers today require that you submit work electronically. However, there are still some who take initial queries and proposals by mail. All in all, it’s worth the cover price.

Osborn, a writer and teacher, offers a manuscript critique service through The Christian Communicator. See her Web site: She and her staff of editors have helped many beginning writers kick off their careers.

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