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Making Sure Your Writing Has Style

Style Manual 3Does your writing have style?

Most writers pay attention to grammar, the mechanics of language, which is not the same as style. “Style” means “a distinctive manner of expression,” according to Merriam Webster online dictionary. As you ground yourself in grammar, be aware that there are different style guides for different segments of the publishing industry.

Industry-Standard Style References

Magazines and newspapers usually follow Associated Press style. Book publishers, however, use the Chicago Manual of Style. Check out the following style guides, and, if you’re not familiar with them, now’s the time to enlighten yourself. Public libraries might have some of them in their reference sections.

Book publishers (or authors of books or short stories that will be included in books, fiction or nonfiction):

Magazine publishers:

Some Christian publishers (books or articles):

Make sure your writing is “in-style.” Your editors will appreciate you, and your path to publication will be smoother.

Readers, were you aware of the different styles between book and magazine publishers? Do you prefer one over the other? Share in the comments. If you receive this post by email, please click on the title of the post to go to my site. Scroll down to Leave a Reply and comment there.

2 Responses to Making Sure Your Writing Has Style

  1. Terry Whalin September 16, 2017 at 8:49 am #


    Style is important. Another idea for getting a book like the Chicago Manual of Style is to get the older edition (16th). Rules are rules and the older versions of these manuals are a valuable resource for writers too. I often buy such books on This site searches through 130 online bookstores and ranks the results in seconds with the cost,. plus the postage. I often purchase the cheapest website–saving lots of money over the years.


  2. Emily Akin September 16, 2017 at 6:09 pm #

    Thanks, Terry. My favorite used book site just closed down, It was an eBay company, and I guess the booksellers will just use eBay from now on.

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