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Promotion: First, a Tagline

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Who are you? A writer, you say? A writer who does editing on the side? Do you write fiction or nonfiction?

Before you can begin to promote your freelance writing, your editing, or your books, you must have a short answer to the above questions. When someone lands on your Web site or receives your business card, they need to know not only your name but also exactly what you do. You need a tagline.

The following links will take you to sites with excellent examples of taglines. Go to each site, and jot down your first impression. Then visit around on the site to see if the first impression was accurate.

Mary Yerkes:

Virginia Smith:

Jeanne Marie Leach:

Tracy Ruckman:

Brandilyn Collins:

James Scott Bell:

Steve Hutson:

Did you check all of them? If not, you can come back and do it later. Now, do you have a tagline? If not, get to work on it right away.

When I first began writing for publication, my site URL was My tagline was: “On time and on target.” Since I write mostly for magazines in the Christian market, I thought I would impress editors with my dependability as a writer. However, I did not do any market testing on that tagline. One editor told me that he thought it sounded like I ran a writing service for businesses. The business-like air of my promotional materials did not say “Christian market” to him.

I have since changed my URL to, but I kept the old URL, and it points to the new one. I am still casting about for a new tagline. If you’d like to take a look at my site and make a recommendation, feel free. I will be holding a drawing for a free Christian novel on August 28th. Comment on this blog before noon on the 28th to enter the drawing.


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