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Networking with Online Writers’ Groups

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Networking, getting to know editors and other writers, is absolutely necessary for getting your work published. The more contacts you have, the more likely you will get a lead on a market that fits your work. In my last online marketing class, one of the students lived in a northwestern state, far from any writers’ conference or writers’ groups. Her only opportunity for networking was the Internet. So, what are the options?

CWGI: You must fill out an application form for Christian Writers Group International (CWGI), also a Yahoo group. There is no fee, so this is a much larger group. The last time I checked there were about 800 members worldwide. Discussions are made more interesting by input from members in places like Australia and South Africa.

TWV1: the Writers’ View 1 is for “advanced and professional writers in the Christian market. Topics are advanced and explore the entire publishing process.” Owned by Mary DeMuth, this group requires a membership application and there are a number of panelists covering a wide variety of genres.

TWV2: The Writer’s View 2 is “for beginning/intermediate Christian writers serious about taking their writing to the next level.” Membership application required for this one, too. You must choose which TWV you want to participate in, because you are not allowed to participate in both. Mary also owns this group, but the list of panelists is different.

ACFW: The groups mentioned in this blog are ones that I have participated in or investigated for myself. If you are a fiction writer, check out American Christian Fiction Writers. Member benefits include forums that might be helpful to you.

These groups not only help you improve your writing, but they help you get to know people who can introduce you to others in the industry. I invite comments on this post from people who have participated in other writers’ groups.

2 Responses to Networking with Online Writers’ Groups

  1. Sue Tornai October 10, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    I was thinking about joining American Christian Writers, also a Yahoo group. They are advertised in The Christian Communicator. Do you know much about them?

  2. Emily Akin October 10, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    I am a member of the ACW group, but there is very little activity on it. From the group’s page: “You must be a member of the ACW, a Christian Communicator subscriber, or have attended an ACW writers conference to join this loop.” Here’s the link:

    I probably should have listed it in this article! Thanks for mentioning it.

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