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Is Your Site-Blog Google-Friendly?

Google plusHave you heard? Google wants to take over the world. At least that’s the idea I get from following technical blogs. Rumors abound about the changes Google is making and about what bloggers and website owners should do to keep up. And, the “experts” don’t seem to agree on some of it.

We’re writers, not techno-geeks, so it’s annoying that we must take time to understand all this. Here, I share what I’m doing to cope with Google’s changes.

Doing without Google Reader. If you didn’t use it, you won’t miss it. However, if you used Google Reader to follow blogs via RSS feed, you might feel that Google betrayed you. I know I feel that way. Many are recommending Feedly as a replacement. I’m using it, but I don’t like it. It works well enough in the browser on my computer, but the mobile version for Android does not suit me at all. I read my blogs on my phone more often than on the computer.

Setting up a Google+ account to take advantage of Google Authorship. I used the instructions on to create my Google Plus account. See the article: How to Set Up Your Google+ Account. This site also offers a post on How to Use Google Authorship to Boost SEO and Reduce Piracy. The screenshot above shows my G+ profile page. Below, here’s what my search result looks like now that Authorship is set up. Google AuthorshipAvoiding duplicate content. I heard one rumor that you should never write or host a guest post ever again because Google would penalize you for it in search results. Opinions about this subject are varied. To be on the safe side, I don’t submit a guest post that is already on my website. It’s all about search engine optimization (SEO). I’ve purchased Search Engine Optimization For Dummies (affiliate link) in an attempt to understand all this. I’ll let you know if I succeed.

Readers, what about you? Have you adapted to the Google changes? Do you know of a resource that’s not listed in this post? Please share by commenting on this post. Just click here and go to the post page. Scroll down to Leave Reply.

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