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Painting a Picture of God’s Love

Painting word pictures. That’s what writers do as they craft words to describe events, feelings, or objects. Christian writers cover many topics, but the gist of their message is that God loves us all. I’m reminded of  the hymn, “The Love of God,”  written in 1917 by Frederick M. Lehman. George Beverly Shea of the […]

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How Many Hats Do You Wear?

  “He wears more hats than his Aunt Luella!” This quote was once part of the bio of  James N. (Jim) Watkins, popular conference speaker, author, editor, and I almost forgot—writer. Watkins makes his living as a full-time freelancer, but he doesn’t limit himself to one skill. How about you? Would you like to quit your day […]

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Could You Be a Ghostwriter?

Did you know that the long-time best-seller, 90 Minutes in Heaven, was not written by Don Piper? At least it was not written by Piper alone. If you look at the credits, you’ll see that he wrote it “with” Cecil Murphey. Remember Heaven Is for Real? The author is “Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.” Vincent […]

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