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Twitter and Facebook on Tweetdeck

In my last post on social networking, I provided links to tutorials and evaluations of  Twitter and Facebook. I said then that I wasn’t sure if it was worth the time involved to keep up with both. In the past week, I’ve had several experiences that make me lean toward Facebook as the better choice for social networking. Here’s why.

  • Facebook lets you enter longer messages. In Twitter, you’re limited to 140 characters.
  • Facebook lets you hide some of your “friends” that post too much extraneous stuff. On Twitter, you have to “unfollow” them entirely.
  • Facebook comments allow for more inter-communication between me and my ‘”friends.”

I’m not ready to write Twitter off, though. I am currently tracking my Facebook friends and my Twitter follows through Tweetdeck, a free desktop application that lets you organize your tweets into groups. It also allows a Facebook friend column so that you can monitor Facebook, too. When I post something about my blogs on Twitter, I can send a duplicate post to Facebook from Tweetdeck. Here’s a partial screenshot of my Tweetdeck.


If you’re already using Twitter and/or Facebook, try it. It’s free. There are a number of other desktop applications that work with Twitter. There’s Seesmic and Twhirl which I have not tried. As long as I’m using both Twitter and Facebook, I would want a desktop client to track both.  Twhirl only tracks Twitter.

I welcome comments on this post, especially if you have used Seesmic or Twhirl.

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