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WordPress Web Presence: It’s Free

Most blogging tools are free, but WordPress gives you more than just a blogging tool. If you haven’t experimented with WordPress, I suggest that you give it a try.

I was slow to hop on the blogging train, but now that I have, I am enjoying it immensely. Last year, in Blogger vs. WordPress post, I shared my research about the pros and cons of the two blogging tools. If you’re new to this blog, review that post before continuing.

I decided then to go with Blogger, mainly because I found it easier to use, especially for beginners. Later, I decided to work with WordPress more and to see what the differences were. I now use WordPress for most of my blogs. On the Blogger version of Wired to Write, I explained why I decided to change here.

Paste from Word: Now that I’m using WordPress regularly, I am discovering some really great features. For example, you can compose your posts in Word and paste into WordPress using the “Paste from Word” tool. All the formatting comes with it, including hyperlinks and text formatting like boldface and italic. This is a big time-saver, because, f you compose your posts online, it takes longer to do all that formatting. If you just copy and paste from Word without using the tool, you lose the formatting entirely.

Static Pages: One of the primary reasons I changed back to WordPress is that you can have a static page on WordPress, and you can’t have that on Blogger. See my book review blog as an example. Notice the menu bar across the top. There’s an About-Guidelines page and a Reading and Resources List for Writers page. Those pages are always there no matter how many blog posts I enter.

Use as Web Site: Some writers use WordPress as their primary Web site rather than having a main site and a separate blog. See Brandy Brow’s site here as an example.  Using one of the standard WordPress designs, she has the welcome message on the home/blog page. Her other pages are static pages ( not available on Blogger). This makes a great free Web site, and Brandy can use it as a blog later if she chooses. I’ve tried some of the free Web site offerings out there, and I think WordPress is much easier to use than most of the ones I’ve tried.

Generally, WordPress offers a lot for the low price of FREE. If you get into it and find you need more sophisticated features, you can always upgrade to the paid version which is described at

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