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Book Review: For the Write Reason

First, I need to report the results of last week’s survey. Of the subscribers who participated, the majority have no preference regarding subject matter on Blog4Writers. Second choice was random topics. Just one person preferred series of articles on a single topic. So, today, I’m giving you a book report, which I have not done for a while.

For the Write Reason: Subtitle is 31 Writers, Agents and Editors Share Their Experiences With Christian Publishing.

Imagine having a different editor, agent or published writer to sit down with you each day and share their experience in the Christian publishing industry. That’s what you get with For the Write Reason. Read a chapter a day for a month and get more person-to person inspiration than you’d ever get at a writers’ conference.

Each chapter begins with a personal story from someone who has succeeded in the publishing industry, sometimes in first person and sometimes in interview format. They share their successes, but they also describe their failures, disappointments, and doubts. The 31 chapters offer advice on topics every aspiring writer must deal with at some point. Examples are: “Born to Write” and “Confirming God’s Call.” Chapters close with Bible readings and an inspirational/devotional message. Finally, the writer challenges you to action with a question or “homework” assignment for the day. Also included are a number of appendices with practical information on how to get your work published.

Although the book is designed as a daily study or devotional, I think you’ll find it useful as a reference. The titles of the chapters will help you to identify stories that might be most helpful to you at any given time. Since it was published in 2005, you might think it contains old information. Don’t let that stop you from finding your own copy of this book. The basics are still the same.

General editor, Marybeth Whalen, is a writer-speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Having received encouragement from other writers on her quest for publication, Marybeth wanted to pass it on to the next generation of Christian writers.

Buy it on Amazon at this link:
For the Write Reason: 31 Writers, Agents and Editors Share Their Experiences with Christian Publishing

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