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Spring Cleaning for Writers

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Yes, it’s that time of year. Time to clean the debris out of the writing cave and bring in some fresh material. Time to dust off your writing aspirations and get busy making them happen.

Here’s my spring cleaning plan.

  • Organize files (both computer and hard-copy). Dispose of duplicates and out-dated material.
  • Clean equipment. See Computer Hope site for detailed how-to on computer cleaning.
  • Make sure all files on the computer are backed up. See my post on backup methods here.
  • Inventory supplies and equipment. Make a shopping list and a wish list.
  • Look for fresh ideas. Spend some time reading old journals and/or writing projects you put aside long ago. Move the ones that interest you to your active file.
  • Inventory writing books and magazines. Sell or give away those that you have not looked at in more than a year. I know. This is hard.

Don’t even try to do all this at once. You may feel overwhelmed and give up. Give yourself a week or even a month to finish the job.

Meanwhile, I’m working on a workshop session entitled, “Get Organized and Sell Your Work” for Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, June 11-12. I’ll provide information on organizing:

  • Workspace
  • Records and resources
  • Intentions (goals and objectives)
  • Time
  • Evaluation

Notice that, putting together the first letter of each category, you end up with WRITE. My next blog post will be about organizing your workspace. If any of you would like to send me a photo of your workspace, I’ll consider posting some of them with that post. E-mail me at

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