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The Making of a Writer-Speaker’s One-Sheet

Guest post by Lettie K. Burress,

I am good with ideas and words. I am not good with technology – it has been difficult for me to stay even partially current with computers and social media. I try, but I would much rather be hiking a trail or reading a book. Or perhaps writing one.

That said, God has been good to bring people in my life who have the skills I lack. Sometimes they patiently (or not) teach me what I need to know. Sometimes they allow me the use of their skills. The latter is usually much faster and much more efficient for me.

I tell you all this to explain why I’ m guest blogger today. One of my tech-savvy friends is Emily Akin. She has in the past observed my struggles and stepped in with her wisdom and skills. She has helped arrange handouts. She even suggested that I compile my workshop handouts into booklet form. It was a huge success, both as a selling item and an asset to those attending my Beginners Basics class.

Naturally, Emily’s name came to my mind as I contemplated the long delayed project of creating a one-sheet. Also called pitch sheets, these sheets are recommended as an easy way for writers and speakers to introduce themselves to conference leaders, other writers, or potential clients. They should be made available as handouts, attachments, or website downloads.

The one-sheet method made good sense to me after my recent attendance at a large conference. As a workshop leader hosting an exhibit and sales table, I wanted to make the most of this opportunity to get my name and work out there. Using print seemed the easiest way to connect with those who visited my table. I was running out of the small giveaway bags containing my bookmarks, brochures, business cards, and candy. I decided the one-sheet was a better, time-saving bet. So I sent my info to Emily and asked for her help in organizing it. Here are the guidelines we used.

Primary Elements for an Effective One-Sheet:

  • Who you are
  • What you look like
  • What you’ve done
  • What you talk about
  • Where you’ve been
  • What has been said about you
  • How you can be reached

The one-sheets should also demonstrate a writers “brand.” It is a big plus to include “personality” as well. A photo is essential. My plan is to have two one-sheets – one for use in my speaking ministry and the other for my writing ministry. They will replace my brochures at my display table.

Click here to see Lettie’s current one-sheet.

Perhaps a one-sheet is just what you need in your marketing arsenal. If you already have one that has worked well, please tell us about it by commenting on this post. If it is online somewhere, please provide a link. If not, please e-mail Emily ( for instructions on how to get it online so that you can share it with us.

Blessings! Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

I also want everyone to know that, while we were working on this project, Lettie’s husband had a series of strokes and has been in the hospital for several weeks, then transferred to a rehab facility. If you want to contact her or post a prayer for her family, they have a Facebook page, Pray-ers for Phil.

Other Examples

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