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Emily is available to teach workshops for conferences or writers group meetings. The following topics are currently available:

  • A Business Approach to Marketing Your Work – “Writing is an art. Publishing is a business.” The Four P’s marketing model is applied to marketing for writers. Learn to think like a business professional as you market your work.
  • Turning Your Journal Entries into Saleable Articles – Discover the topics you are passionate about. They’re right there in your journal. Find markets for your articles or stories on these topics.
  • Self-Editing: Preparing Your Work for the Market – Before you write the first word, design your finished piece for the market. Covers following guidelines, using style guides, and proofreading your own work.
  • Write What You Know: Finding Stories in Everyday Life – What can you write about? Stories are all around you—stories about people you know, the activities you enjoy, your professional expertise. And, with a little research, you can write about what you want to know. Sample articles and background stories are shared with the class.
  • Get Organized – Make more time for writing by organizing your work and your workplace. See the Get Organized page for details.

Use the contact page to request further information.

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