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Writers and WordPress: Made for Each Other

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbSome things just naturally go together. Pork and beans. Bread and butter. Writers and WordPress. That’s right. Although some still use other platforms, more and more writers and publishing professionals are using WordPress for their Web presence. I’ve used WordPress on my self-hosted site since 2010.

In April, 2013, I attended WordCamp Nashville, one of many such conferences held by WordPress professionals and enthusiasts world-wide. Since I’m a writer and not a WordPress expert, it wasn’t long before I began to suffer geek overload. I was in over my head. However, I did not panic. I just decided to tread water and pick up as much information as I could.

I came home lots of notes and lists of online resources. Since then, I’ve found tutorials on WordPress designers’ blogs and on YouTube. I’m making an ongoing list for a permanent page on my site. The list below is just the beginning. Most resources are free. To be sure, the free stuff these professionals offer is not just to help you. They hope, if you decide to hire a professional to finish your job, that you will hire them. I think that’s fair enough.

Readers, if you know of other such sites, please comment on this post and share the link.

Disclaimer: I have no connection, material or otherwise, with any of the people or companies who offer the resources and services listed below. I receive no compensation for including them on my site.

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